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CCTV Accessories-2

CCTV accessories frequently will be overlooked because of the emphasis placed on the cameras and recording systems used.

Cost cutting on these smaller items can often degrade the quality of those higher priced items.

Our accessories include camera extension cables, wire camera / PIR guards, power supplies and DVR enclosures. 

CCTV Power Supplies

Each and every camera will require a power supply whether it's 12v DC, 24v AC.

Individual power supplies are an inexpensive choice for powering 1-2 camera systems, however if you have 3 or more cameras, a multi-port power supply is highly recommended. We maintain stock of single and multi-camera “Boxed” power supplies at all times. 

Traditionally most cameras will run on 12v DC, but it is not unusual to find cameras that are AC powered. One thing to keep in mind when you're building your system is that if you cross voltages, powering a DC camera with an AC power supply or vice versa, you will overload the camera and cause it to short-circuit. This will normally void the warranty.

Video Baluns

Video baluns are a type of cable accessory for long cable runs. RG59 / Siamese coaxial cable will transmit video signals up to about 200m before the quality degrades. If you wish to extend that length you'll have to switch over to Cat5 cable and that's where a video balun becomes necessary. 

Video Baluns have two connection ports that will convert the coaxial signal into a Cat5e signal. The coaxial cable is traditionally connected to the BNC connection on the balun and the cat5 cable is connected via the screw terminal connections. The video is converted in between and transmitted via Cat 5 cable which allows the signal to travel over the ethernet cable enabling the signal to travel far greater distances.

There are two types of video baluns, active and passive. Passive baluns are capable of transmitting video between 300m to 600m. Active baluns can extend that range up to about 1200m, but they will require a DC power supply.

BNC Connectors

There are many types and styles BNC connectors that are dependent on the cable runs , basically, there are three main types of BNC connectors; crimp-on, twist-on, and compression, each type is determined by the method in which it is attached to the coaxial cable. 

BNC connectors form a terminal point for the end of your coaxial cable runs so that the cable may be connected to either you camera or DVR. A bad quality or loosely fitted BNC connector is one of the leading causes for poor video feeds. 

There is very little difference between the BNC connectors in terms of video quality produced, but the crimp-on and compression styles are more reliable than the twist-on ones, since twist connectors are prone to gradual loosening over a period of time which will in turn reduce the quality of the video feed.


Flyleads / Pigtails 

We supplu from stock both Male and Female DC Jack plug flyleads available, interconnection between your camera and cable can often result in cutting the camera DC Jack off, as this invalidates the camera warranty, we have 30cm leads available, with a rating of up to 5A max, these are ideal to connect from the camera.

We stock a range of Pre-made CCTV Video + DC Power cables in a variety of different lengths, in addition we have 100 & 250m rolls of shotgun cable available from stock.





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